Did she hear me?

Chapter 4

Raven was in quarantine at the feedlot for two weeks. The admin of the Arabian 300 Club told me when I messaged her that the lot owner wouldn’t release a horse with strangles until it’s over. I just had to wait.

I looked at pictures of Raven and watched her riding video every night. I’m not a religious person but I prayed to the universe for her to heal. I spoke to her in my mind, telling her to be strong, to recover. I told her that she had a home waiting for her, and adventures, and love.

I texted the lot owner every few days to check on her progress. The lot owner said she was about the same, and her front legs were covered in snot from her wiping her nose on them. I agonized over the fact that I couldn’t just come get her and take over her care myself, and that I didn’t know if she would die at the lot without me ever meeting her. I loved her so much already.

I hoped her spunky nature would give her the fortitude to pull through. I didn’t have any idea how long she would have to stay there, but it was out of my control. At least I knew that they couldn’t put her on a meat truck – she had been claimed and paid for. At least she wouldn’t have a death filled with pain and fear at a slaughterhouse.

So, knowing that I couldn’t will her to get better, I accepted that this was going to teach me patience. I resolved to use the time before I could pick her up to work harder, getting more hours at work, to earn her – knowing that I would do what I have to in order to take care of her. I felt a sense of purpose, and I hadn’t felt that way in a long time.

Something was different about this horse, this experience – I’ve had many horses grace my life, and they have all been my teachers in some way. Yet I had never had such a strong feeling of connection with a horse I hadn’t even met, or such a sense of a new beginning. I was at a point in my life where I needed help – I needed someone or something to put me on the right path. I needed her, and I knew somehow that bringing her into my life was going to open a new way for me. The way I was going was into the abyss, and I needed someone to lead me away from it before I willingly jumped in.

Raven at the feedlot, 2018

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