Favorite Quotes

Memorable quotes from my reading list

  • Quote of the Day 06.30.2021
    Beneath me was my horse, solid and warm and breathing. As long as I had my horse, I could live through this. ~ K. Arsenault Rivera, “The Tiger’s Daughter”
  • Quote of the day 07.21.2021
    “Being with horses is about knowing ourselves, whether we want to admit it or not. It’s about knowing what we are bringing to the conversation. The horses will share what they sense, and they never lie, cheat or judge. The more clearly we understand ourselves, without judging ourselves, the more simple and clear the horses … Continue reading Quote of the day 07.21.2021
  • Quote of the Day 07.30.2021
    “In Native ways of knowing…we say that humans have the least experience with how to live and thus the most to learn—we must look to our teachers among the other species for guidance. Their wisdom is apparent in the way that they live. They teach us by example…Plants know how to make food and medicine … Continue reading Quote of the Day 07.30.2021
  • Quote of the Day 08.01.2021
    “For many people, including myself, when animals come into our lives with intense emotional stories, they are an invitation for us to recover a part of ourselves that has been numbed or sequestered.” ~Kerri Lake, “Spiritually Gifted”